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Hello! I’m Sorbet.

Digital Designer & Illustrator

My preferred pronouns are he/him. I’m 30 years old and I’m gay.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawing. Starting out by tracing Beauty and The Beast, Toy Story and The Lion King from their VHS covers, I quickly realized that I’d be drawing for the rest of my life!

Skip to today, and I’m a professional graphic designer and illustrator living in sunny South Africa.

My education & work experience

I have just over 10 years experience, that’s a pretty long time…!

In 2008 I studied at The Open Window School of Visual Communication for 1 year in a Visual Communication degree. Unfortunately I couldn’t continue my studies there and proceeded to just jump right in and work as a publication designer for a variety of magazines and newspapers.

I moved to Johannesburg in 2011 and started working as a junior designer for Maxidor, a high-end security company at the time. I was there for 4 years and worked my way up to being in charge of the company-wide design and rebrand.

Needing a new challenge, I decided to do a part-time digital design course at Inscape Academy of Design. I finished my course at the top of my class, winning awards for “Top Student – Part Time 2017” and “Top Student – Digital Design 2017”.

I’ve gone on to work for companies of various industries, including medical, administration, legal and construction.

“I had the pleasure of being Sorbet’s lecturer at Inscape Design College. He was the top student through out the year and it is impressive to see how his design and technical abilities continue to improve from one project to the next. He has a phenomenal work ethic and I believe he has the potential to be a big name in the local design industry. Keep up the good work Sorbet. “

– Ndumiso Nyoni | Multimedia Designer and Former Lecturer at Inscape School of Design

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